Hot Dog Facts, Figures and Folklore

Hot Dog History Many stories exist about the creation of the hot dog, and its true origin is often debated. Hot dogs as we know them today trace their origin as far back as the 15th century to various parts of Germany or Austria, such as Frankfurt or Vienna. More current references to dachshund sausages and hot dogs are attributed to German immigrants in the 1800s. Folklore suggests that hot dog...
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National French Fry Day

It’s National French Fry Day!  Despite the name, the French fry may not in fact be French at all.   It has been widely disputed that the French fry originated in Belgium.  When American soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I, they ate Belgian fries.  The official language of the Belgian Army at the time was French, so logically the American soldiers called them “French fries”. No ma...
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History of Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs

The Very Beginning: Christmas morning, 1958, Bridgeport Connecticut. The start of a 4 year old boy molding his life. During this innocent time, every young boy wants to be either a policeman or a fireman. Captured on a fuzzy 8 mm movie begins my path. One of the first presents I opened was a little red fire truck I wish I still had. Then we go to a little belt with a toy gun, badge and play ha...
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