Travel Channel is Coming to Steve’s!

travel channel
Attention all friends and loyal fans of Steve’s Snappin Dogs.  Please come to Steve’s on Friday, October 13th for lunch between 12pm-2:30pm for your chance to be a star on national television and to help Steve fill his patio with hungry, happy guests! The Travel Channel will be filming at Steve’s for an episode that will air in the spring of 2018.  The name of the show will be announced at a la...
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Rippin’ Rockies Dog is Back for the Playoffs!

Rippin Rockies Dog
Stop in to celebrate the Rockies going to the playoffs by diving into the Rippin Rockies Dog. A deep fried "Ripper" dog, topped with vegetarian green chili, grilled purple (red) onions, jalapeño peppers, yellow mustard, a dollop of sour cream and raw, diced purple (red) onions and served in toasted "Coney Style" bun.   The Rippin Rockies Dog celebrates everything we love about Colora...
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A Taste of Bluebird District on Colfax

A Taste of the Bluebird District on Colfax Presented by Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs A total of seven restaurants in all participated in A Taste of Bluebird District on Colfax on September 16, 2017.  The event was broadcast live on the Gabby Gourmet show.  Those in attendance sampled fare from local participating restaurants. The event was an excellent opportunity to showcase the quality and variety of ...
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National Cheeseburger Day!

National Cheeseburger Day
Today is National Cheeseburger Day. Oh, the almighty cheeseburger!  Each year on September 18, we celebrate one of America’s favorite sandwiches. There are several theories about who invented the classic American sandwich that we have all come to love.  One longstanding theory that Lionel Sternberger invented the cheeseburger in 1926 when he was working in his father’s Pasadena, California ...
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A Taste of the Bluebird District on Colfax

A Taste of Bluebird District
A Taste of the Bluebird District on Colfax Presented by Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs Join us and sample for yourself the delectable fare from seven restaurants that inhabit the Bluebird District along Colfax Ave. The event is free-of-charge and will be broadcast live on the Gabby Gourmet show from 1-2pm on KHOW 630. When: 1-2pm on Saturday, September 16, 2017 Where: Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs loca...
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Try Our New Fries!

Question: What’s better than any one of our delicious dogs or burgers?  Answer: One of our delicious dogs or burgers with our new hot, never greasy, skin-on French fries!  They’re tasty on their own, but you can add cheese, Steve’s Chile con Carne or even our vegetarian, vegan green chile.  Or, mix it up with fries and onion rings!  Come on in today and give ‘em a try!
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National Chili Dog Day!

Steve's Snappin' Dog Atlanta Dog
Each year on the last Thursday in July, hot dog lovers everywhere top their favorite dogs with delicious chili in celebration of National Chili Dog Day. Today, when you come in to Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs, try the Atlanta Dog; served up with Steve’s Chili con Carne, cheddar jack cheese, coleslaw and red onions.  Or, try the Dallas Dog: Cheddar Jack Cheese and Steve’s Chili con Carne.  Pair either ...
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It’s National Hot Dog Day!

National Hot Dog Day Steve's Snappin' Dogs
It’s National Hot Dog Day!  To celebrate, stop into Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs where we have something for everyone! Steve imports Thurmann’s Natural Casing Hot Dogs from New Jersey.  The dogs that “snap” when you bite into them are all beef and pork that with no fillers, no MSG and are low in sodium.  At Steve’s you can order from a plethora of specialty hot dogs.  You’ll also find burgers, beer-batte...
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National French Fry Day

It’s National French Fry Day!  Despite the name, the French fry may not in fact be French at all.   It has been widely disputed that the French fry originated in Belgium.  When American soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I, they ate Belgian fries.  The official language of the Belgian Army at the time was French, so logically the American soldiers called them “French fries”. No ma...
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