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SSD = Smack-down, Sizzlin’ Dynamo! Yeah. But Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs makes for a much catchier casual restaurant name.

5 stars for an AIRPORT restaurant???

Did I go insane in the membrane from my mountain highjinks in Colorado recently?? No, no, no.

This is my level-headed assessment, from dinner yesterday.

ATMOSPHERE = 3 stars

-Super-cas, fast, bar, bro-type place with soccer & other games playing on multiple TVs, but the volume was kept respectfully low! Yeehaw for that. Some guy’s backside (someone standing around and not paying attention) was edging way too close to me so I had to push my chair over.

Grrrr. Maintain personal space with people ya don’t know! I know my deodorant power was weak- ening so he should’ve been repelled.

-Too few tables for the crowds. I had to sit at the bar at a chair meant for a 6-foot tall person. My trapezoids were a-strainin’ from reaching up to eat my food. I needed a booster seat. I kept getting wait staff bringing back used, emptied glasses next to where I was sitting.

SERVICE = 5++ stars

-Sit anywhere and they will indeed find you, and you won’t be given short shrift if you’re not drink- ing booze. Su-wheet!

-My waitress cutie was so nice to me (and others, I observed), that I felt really welcomed, like at some neighborhood restaurant you frequent. Immediate acknowledgement, even in the face of a big crowd clamoring for attention, in a hurry to catch their flights, washing their pre-flight woes with some CO brews.

-My waitress clearly was having a good time and extended that cheer onto the guests here. Fast service, up-front explanation of a little delay, checking on me, good advice for the onion rings, suggestion for mustard, very respectful of my time, and that is huge! Not going in the back and making out with a co-worker or smoking or boozing it up like they do at so many restaurants, which wastes everyone’s time. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about!!

PRICE = 5 stars

My bill was about $21 with tax and tip for a hot dog and onion rings, no drink (I filled my own alumi- num water bottle from home with the filtered water at the airport. I saved $$ and I didn’t add to the plastic debacle at that moment in time).

FOOD = 5+ stars

I always get kosher and halal foods if they’re an option in restaurants, as the practices are more humane, and the outcome is higher-quality, tastier results. I was worried about hot peppers in the “snap”. Not to worry. You hottie hot pepper-lovers can go to town here adding a variety of hot sauces here. OH snap.    I got the kosher all-beef hot dog with yummy grilled onions, caraway sau- erkraut (with they put more in there), tomato, lettuce, ‘spicy’ mustard. Buns so frrrrrresh, lightly toasted, and of a good thickness, I wanted to squeeze them first. HOT diggetty DOG!!! BURSTING with flavor, that meat, those premium toppings. How is that possible??

Made me fall in love with the humble hot dog again, that American staple of summertime.

The onion rings, a little too thinly cut, were perfect with the breading. Not greasy at all – rare!! So delicious with my current preference of a little bit of mayo for dipping


I wish I may, I wish I might, have Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs expand to Boise overnight!!! I’ll be back if I fly United again. Usually airport fare kinda sucks. Not the case here!!! .