It’s Steve’s Birthday!

dog birthday
It’s Steve’s birthday! July is National Hot Dog Month, how fitting that Denver’s Hot Dog King celebrates his birthday on July 1st. This year Steve Ballas, owner of Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs, is celebrating his 63rd birthday.  What’s more, Steve just received great news after his 3-month checkup post-chemo.  He’s cancer free!

In May, Steve and his wife Linda celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary.  Linda, a 24-year breast cancer survivor, will be celebrating her 70th birthday at the end of July. 

Steve and Linda would like to thank everyone who has supported them through their ups and downs. They feel very blessed to have such amazing friends and family.  They are also grateful for their incredible staff and loyal customers who have been by their side through it all.

As Steve celebrates his birthday in Central City and Black Hawk this weekend, he’ll enjoy a celebratory steak at Bastiens and then hit the casinos. Good luck at the casinos, Steve.  We hope you have the happiest of birthdays!