My, oh, my, come drink some pumpkin pie!

PUMPKIN-SHAKEEverything is pumpkin-flavored this time of year.  Who are we to disagree?  We take a spin on the whole pumpkin theme and use pumpkin pie in this recipe rather than simply using pumpkin flavoring. The results are simply delicious.

So if you love pumpkin pie, then you should try it in a shake! Stop in at Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs during the month of November and you can eat your pumpkin pie through straw.  That’s right, our featured shake of the month is Pumpkin Pie.

Celebrate the holidays with a hot dog and our seasonal pumpkin pie shake. Or try the Gobbler.  Our signature grilled turkey breast sandwich is complimented with cranberry, mayo, lettuce, Swiss cheese and tomato. Also comes in a gluten-free option.

My oh, my, come drink some pumpkin pie!