Author: Lonnie Metzler

It’s National Hot Dog Day!

National Hot Dog Day Steve's Snappin' Dogs
It’s National Hot Dog Day!  To celebrate, stop into Steve’s Snappin’ Dogs where we have something for everyone! Steve imports Thurmann’s Natural Casing Hot Dogs from New Jersey.  The dogs that “snap” when you bite into them are all beef and pork that with no fillers, no MSG and are low in sodium.  At Steve’s you can order from a plethora of specialty hot dogs.  You’ll also find burgers, beer-batte...
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National French Fry Day

It’s National French Fry Day!  Despite the name, the French fry may not in fact be French at all.   It has been widely disputed that the French fry originated in Belgium.  When American soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I, they ate Belgian fries.  The official language of the Belgian Army at the time was French, so logically the American soldiers called them “French fries”. No ma...
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It’s Steve’s Birthday!

dog birthday
Steve and Linda would like to thank everyone who has supported them through their ups and downs. They feel very blessed to have such amazing friends and family.  They are also grateful for their incredible staff and loyal customers who have been by their side through it all. As Steve celebrates his birthday in Central City and Black Hawk this weekend, he’ll enjoy a celebratory steak at Bast...
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